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In this example we are looking for the best value Air Compressor.

Example 1: If you want to see all compressors then click on the “Air Compressors” menu item and you will see all of the Air Compressors in the system.

Example 2: But if you are looking to occasionally pump up your tyres at home, or do small jobs in a factory environment, spray paint or to operate a nail gun or a staple gun, then you need to narrow the choice down a bit. So let’s go to the RED menu and click on the  “DIY and Semi PRO” (If you are on a Mobile Phone the Menu is the Accordion looking thing on the left) Most of the compressors now shown will operate from a normal 13 amp UK plug setup. Which means they can be used in home use setup.

But lets say that you are a construction contractor and want to use the compressor on a construction site where they impose the Maximum 110 volt rule, (All tools on building sites need to be a maximum of 110 volt) Now, you just want to see 110 Volt “DIY and Semi PRO” Air compressors.

So remain on “DIY and Semi PRO” and look to the left side of the screen (below the results if you are on a mobile) and click the “110 Volt” Voltage Filter.

Now, from all of the confusing total amount of over 230 Air Compressors, we can see just the ones that concern us: i.e. “DIY Semi/Pro”, 110 Volt, and last time I looked there were just 7. Now lets have a further look at these 7.
There are further filters available if you need them, but this example will show you the way.

The Air Compressor Market is fiercely competitive, and as much as the manufacturers want STOCKISTS to maintain a high price level, there is always a Stockist who wants to be the cheapest on Amazon or Ebay or their own website (the fastest gun in town syndrome)

YOU can take advantage of this, because most items are sold by more that one stockist. See Example Here
These stockists offers are displayed from cheapest to dearest on each item.

EBAY: Sometimes, because of the nature of eBay, there maybe more than one stockist advertising the same item on eBay. These are shown as different stockists

AMAZON: Because all stockists of a product are listed under a single listing there will only be the the best value stockist, and usually but not always, the cheapest one on that listing showing.

PRIVATE COMPANY WEBSITES: These too are included so there may be many different Stockists/Sellers of the same item competing for your £££s and you can choose the best value.

N.B. We have listed only the well known and trusted Brands that are sold in the UK because they have spares backup and guarantees.

So far we have avoided listing the Chinese Brands that come and go on eBay and Amazon, because by the time we have listed them they, reappear under a different name or they vanish altogether.

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